PBX with 2 Trunk Lines and 6 Extensions


Communication is of importance everywhere, be it a large organization or a small setup.

Introducing Matrix PROTON206, a compact PBX loaded with value added features, which reduces cost and enhances productivity. Make the best out of your single trunk line, the ultra-compact micro PBX.

This PBX System supports microcontroller based design and state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology (SMT) ensuring high reliability and low maintenance cost. Get the power of Matrix PROTON206 in your organization to boost productivity.

Bring that winning difference for your organization by switching to Matrix PROTON206 because only those grow faster who don’t compromise.

Key Features

Abbreviated Dialing

PROTON206 can store frequently used numbers in its memory and dial it with a specific code.

Allowed and Denied Lists

PROTON206 allows you to specify list of numbers that are allowed and denied for each extension, thus preventing misuse of extensions for calls with 95, to mobile or outstation calls.

Auto Call Back

Station user need not keep dialing busy station repeatedly. By this feature of PROTON206, you will get connected as it gets free.

Automatic Call Disconnector

PROTON206 disconnects a call once the defined time is over. This function greatly reduces long, unnecessary phone calls and keeps the expenses on telephone in check.

Auto Redial

PROTON206 redials an external number and intimates you when it gets through, thus saving your time and effort to call a number which is engaged.

Auto Shut Dynamic Lock

It is an utility feature of PROTON206 which locks the extension for STD or any trunk after a pre-defined period, thus preventing any misuse of the lines.

Call Pick Up

With this feature of PROTON206, you can answer the call of your colleague from your own desk without physically going to his extension.

Call Splitting

PROTON206 allow you to talk with two persons alternatively by dialing flash only.


PROTON206 supports 3 party conferences with other extensions or trunks, thus enhancing team work and better communication.

Direct Inward Dialing

Frequent callers can reach desired station by dialing the station number. In this feature PROTON206 will perform the task of an operator.

External Call forwarding

PROTON206 can be programmed such that all incoming calls are forwarded to another number, thus ensuring that you do not miss important calls, even when the office is closed.


With PROTON206, you can transfer all calls for the boss through secretary.

Walk in Class of Service

PROTON206 allows station user to use his toll control level from any other station. So get better utilization of resources, no misuse of features, less time wastage.

Features List

Abbreviated Dialing(Global ,Personal) External Call
Alarms External Call Forwarding (ECF)
Allowed and Denied List Flash Timer
Auto Call Back (Busy ,No reply) Flexible Number
Auto Redial Hotline
Barge-In Internal Call
Behind the PBX Application Internal Call Restriction
Boss Ring Interrupt Request
Call Duration Control Last Number Redial
Call Follow-Me Message Wait
Call Forward (All Calls, If Busy, If No Reply) Music-On-Hold
Call Hold Operator
Call Park Power Down Mode
Call Pick Up (Group ,Selective) Privacy
Call Splitting Raid
Call Transfer Remote Lock
Class of Service(CoS) Remote Programming
Conference (3-Party) Round Robin Ringing
Continued Dialing Selective Trunk Access
Day/Night Modes Simultaneous Ringing
Demonstration of Tones System Security (Passwords)
Departmental Call Toll Control
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Trunk Landing
Direct Outward System Access (DOSA) Trunk Landing
Distinctive Ringing Trunk Reservation
Do Not Disturb Voice Mail Integration
Dynamic Lock Universal Serial Number
Executive/Secretary Walk-In Class of Service

Technical Specifications


Total Number of Ports 8
Number of Trunks 2
Number of Extensions 6

Power Supply

Input 90-265VAC,47-63 Hz
Power Consumption (Typical) 10W


Dimensions (W×H×D) 26×28×7.5cm (10.2"×11.0"×2.95")
Weight 2Kg (4.4 lbs)


Operating Temperature 0°to 45°
Operating Humidity 95% RH Non Condensing

Matrix Range of SOHO PBX

PROTON103 1 Trunk Line and 3 Extension Lines PBX
PROTON205 2 Trunk Line and 5 Extension Lines PBX
PROTON206 2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Lines PBX
PROTON308 3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Lines PBX
VISION206S 2 Trunk Lines and 6 Extension Lines PBX with Standard Features
VISION308S 3 Trunk Lines and 8 Extension Lines PBX with Standard Features
VISION309P 3 Trunk Lines and 9 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features
VISIONULTRA206P 2 Trunk Lines and 6 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features
VISIONULTRA308P 3 Trunk Lines and 8 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features
VISIONULTRA412P 4 Trunk Lines and 12 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features
VISIONULTRA616P 6 Trunk Lines and 16 Extension Lines PBX with Premium Features
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