An office desk phone is the ultimate entity with a user for effective communication. Organizational productivity echoes in-parallel to the performance, convenience and efficacy of these communication endpoints. Realizing true business potential undeniably requires complementing communication tools.

Matrix presents NEO10 - The premium business phone to achieve the high aspiration of the modern-age businesses. NEO10 is avant-garde business phone blended with productivity boosting features. These advanced features ensure immense convenience and a rich user experience.

A perfect choice for businesses driven by passion to grow!

Key Features

Data Port: RJ11 Jack

Data Port allows the user to connect dial-up modem to NEO-10 for internet connection.


NEO10 allows the user to see the phone number of the caller. If supported by exchange or PBX, name of the caller is also displayed.

Message Wait Indication

NEO10 indicates a voice messages stored in Voice Mail of your PBX.

Battery Free Operation

CLIP and Speaker Phone of NEO10 works without battery.

Phone Book Entries for Easy Dialing

The user can store up to 80 frequently used numbers in the phone book.

Cellular Phone RFI Noise Immunity

NEO10 is immune to RFI noise generated by a near-by cell phone usage, hence assuring a disturbance free speech.

Incoming/Missed Calls

NEO10 stores up to 76 entries of received/missed calls. The user can retrieve details of received calls and calls missed in his absence.

Features List

Auto Redial on Busy LCD: 3-Lines
Battery-Free Operation Message Wait Indicator
Caller ID Memories: 76 Numbers Mute
Call Back from Caller ID Memories One-Touch Speed Dial: 10 Keys
Caller ID: FSK and DTMF Pause
Cellular Phone RFI Noise Immunity Phone Book Entries: 80 Numbers
Colors: White and Black Redial
Data Port: RJ11 Jack Ringer Volume Control: 8 Levels
Dialed Numbers Review and Redial: 16 Numbers Ringer Melodies: 16 Tunes
Dial Modes: Tone and Pulse Speakerphone
Flash: 6 Levels Speakerphone Volume Control: 8 Levels
Handset Volume Control: 4 Levels Wall Mountable
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