Presenting Matrix Music-On-Hold (MOH), a compact, versatile and stand-alone device. It can be connected to an external music port of any PBX or KTS that allows you to play customized message or music to callers on-hold in your organization.

It allows the convenience of recording and playing music of your choice or even a brief introduction of your company, products offered etc. Messages are field recordable and the MOH allows added ease of use as it possesses an audio jack and volume control.

Built around state-of-art micro-controller based design and high quality telecom grade voice chip, Matrix MOH is a highly reliable and versatile message player.

Ease to use, cost effective, consumes less power...isn’t Matrix MOH music to your ears?

Key Features


Desired piece of music can be recorded and played to the caller on-hold. The music can be re-recorded as and when desired.


A message intended to be played to the caller on-hold can be recorded. An efficient advertising or corporate communication tool, this function can be used to play information about your company, its products or current sales schemes in your organization.

Repetitive Message Player

Messages or music can be recorded which can be played back repeatedly by Matrix MOH. Once connected to a Public Address System, it has a great utility for making repetitive announcements at public gatherings, schools, exhibition halls, verses or chants at places of worship etc.

Background Music

The Matrix MOH can be used to play the desired background music in your organization, thus removing the need of a CD or a cassette player used commonly for this application.

Technical Specifications

Audio Input 1.5Vrms (max)
Audio Output 1.5Vrms (max) adjustable
Power Supply 9VDC through adaptor
Message Length 1 message of 240 seconds or 2 message of 120 seconds each
DIP Switches 4 for play/record options
Dimensions 9×8×3cms (3.54×3.15×1.18 Inch)
Weight 0.25 Kgs (0.55lbs)
Hacked By Galang
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