All progressive organizations are moving to IP-PBXs for the obvious benefits of flexibility, productivity, integration and cost. While migrating to IP Telephony, it is extremely important to remember two important requirements – Mobility and Connectivity. An IP-PBX without these two functions is like a new-generation car without wheels and navigation.

Presenting Matrix ETERNITY – The IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility and Universal Connectivity.

Matrix ETERNITY provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as PBX extensions. Not only users can make and receive calls, they can also use most of the PBX functions like Transfer, Forward, Voice Mail, Directory and Conference using their mobile phones from within and outside office. This seamless mobility means complete freedom from being tied to your desk for internal or external communication.

Further, any IP-PBX worth its name should interface with all-pervasive legacy and new-generation wireless telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, GSM, 3G and VoIP. The ETERNITY IP-PBX offers Universal Connectivity with all these networks combining best of both the worlds. Thus, ETERNITY facilitates smooth and natural migration to the new-age IP infrastructure.


ETERNITY is a family of IP-PBX solutions. Originally designed for enterprise applications, ETERNITY family now includes members suitable for SME and SMB segments. In terms of number of users, the ETERNITY has solution for organizations with starting from 8 to 512 users.

ETERNITY offers a wide range of flexible call routing functions and convenient features. This flexibility transforms it into a versatile IP Telephony platform. The ETERNITY can be used as a regular office IP-PBX, Hospitality PBX, Group PBX, Universal Gateway, Call Center Switch, PLCC Switch, etc.

ETERNITY ME is the eldest and the biggest in the family and is targeted at enterprises. It comes in two configurations – 10 Universal Slots and 16 Universal Slots. In addition to all standard functions, ME supports hot-swapping of cards and redundancy of CPU and Power Supply to meet mission critical applications.

ETENRITY GE is for SME customers having up to 240 users. It is offered in three configurations – 3, 6 and 12 Universal Slots. All the cards including CPU and Power Supply are interchangeable.

ETENRITY PE is the youngest and the smallest member of the family designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) customers having up to 48 users. It is offered in two configurations – 3 Universal Slots and 6 Universal Slots. Considering the special needs of organizations in this segment, Door-Phone Card is offered in ETERNITY PE. A cost-effective version of ETERNITY PE with 3 slots is offered where ISDN and few other functions are not required.

All the members of the ETERNITY family offer identical functions and features. They provide all the telecom network interfaces for Universal Connectivity. Same user terminals like digital phones, operator consoles, soft-phones and ISDN phones can be used with any ETERNITY IP-PBX. In fact, they all run the same software making ETERNITY the easiest system to expand.

Matrix ETERNITY allows an organization to start with its current configuration needs and expand the system capability in future by adding more cards to its universal slots. The ETERNITY is designed to support cards with homogeneous and hybrid (mix) ports to maximize port utilization.

Most of IP-PBXs in the market support only few standard interfaces like FXS, FXO and ISDN. These products do not support in-skin interfaces for GSM or 3G. Matrix ETERNITY is one of the very few IP-PBXs offering in-skin GSM and 3G cards. In addition, ETERNITY also supports T1/E1/PRI and E&M making it capable of interfacing with virtually any network on the planet. Thus, ETERNITY is an “open” and truly “integrated” IP-PBX.

Key features like Multi-Party Conference, Auto-Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, and SMDR (CDR) with a large buffer capacity etc. are built into the system. These features normally warrant additional investments in most of the other competitive brands.

Key Features


Integrated Hybrid PBX (IP and Traditional PBX)
Unlike other IP-PBX, Matrix ETERNTIY IP-PBX offers connectivity to all legacy and new-generation telecom networks like POTS, ISDN, T1/E1, GSM, 3G and VoIP. This makes ETERNITY a truly ‘Universal Communication Platform’ and offers flexibility to users to avail specific advantage offered by each of these network.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Matrix ETERNITY VoIP SERV+TRK card supports Dynamic DNS client which automates the discovery and registration of IP addresses on the public network. The remote administrator and the IP clients can always connect to the ETERNITY using Domain Name associated with the dynamic IP, preventing reconfiguring of systems each time a network infrastructure changes.

Number of Users
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can register as many as 999 IP users to VoIP SERV+TRK card. ETERNITY offers complete resiliency while registering IP users with the VoIP SERV+TRK card. The IP user can be registered to the VoIP SERV+TRK card or shared between the multiple VoIP SERV+TRK card, installed on the same ETERNITY platform. It employs licensed architecture as per number of user registrations.

Number of VoIP Calls
Matrix ETERNITY PE VoIP SERV+TRK card supports 4, ETERNITY GE supports 16 and ETERNITY ME VoIP SERV+TRK card supports 32 calls at a time. With Universal Slot Architecture, the VoIP SERV+TRK card can be scaled in equivalence to the maximum number of slots available with ETERNTIY IP-PBX variants. With ETERNITY ME16S as many as 999 VoIP calls can be possible.

Features Transparency
Various system features similar offered to DKP and SLT user can be used by IP user registered to ETERNITY IP-PBX. Features such as Voice Mail, Call Transfer, Call Toggle, Directory Dialing, Call Forward, Call Hold, Do-Not-Disturb, DND override, Call Pickup, Auto Call Back, Barge-in, Raid etc. are available to IP user.

NAT and STUN Support
NAT allows multiple devices in a LAN to share a single public IP address and automatically creates a firewall between the internal network and the Internet. The STUN client allows an IP terminal located behind a Network Address Translator (NAT) to obtain the mapped (public) IP address (NAT address) and port number that the NAT has allocated for connections to a remote host. SIP clients can thereby easily register to the IP SERV hidden behind the NAT router and corporate Firewalls. The STUN support is critical to establish a VoIP call between SIP clients located behind different type of NATs.

Registrar server
When a SIP user comes online, they get registered to the embedded registrar server of the VoIP SERV+TRK card. The registrar authenticates a user and maintains mapping of their current and active IP addresses mapped to a user’s SIP URL.

VoIP Silence Disconnect Timer
It defines the time limit after which calls are disconnected, if no voice packets are received from the SIP clients on the IP Network leads to better bandwidth resources utilization.

Seamless Mobility

GSM/3G Connectivity
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports Mobile connectivity through an optional card and each card offers 2, 4 or 8 SIMs (ports) with dedicated SIM on each port. The use of particular frequency band is software selectable. The default band is 900+1800 MHz. Important features like Call Back on Mobile Port, Automatic Number Translation, Network Selection and Call Budget are built-in to the system.

3G Network Support
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX GSM 3G Card offers accessibility of 3G networks for Voice communication. It supports Quad-Band for 2G Network and Tri-Band for WCDMA Network. It supports fallback compatibility and hence offers flexibility to access any available network. Users are always assured for connectivity using the alternate network in case of preferred (3G) network signal is weak or unavailable. With 3G power, an organization can experience the Noise-free, Stanch and Crystal Clear Voice Quality, Enhanced Security and Utmost Coverage.

Mobile Phones as Extensions
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as PBX extensions. Not only users can make and receive calls, they can also use most of the PBX functions like Transfer, Forward, Voice Mail, Directory Dial and Conference from their mobile phones from within and outside office.

Mobile Extension Call Management
Following features are supported on Mobile as an extension to the PBX system.
  • Make Internal and Outgoing Calls
  • Receive Internal Calls and Incoming Calls of Trunk
  • DDI Routing (on T1E1PRI)
  • Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)
  • Global Directory Dialing
  • Personal Directory Dialing
  • Raid
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward (Dual Ring also possible)
  • 15 Participants Conference
  • Priority
  • Forced Release
  • Barge-In
  • Interrupt Request
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • DND Override
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Toggle
  • Call Hold
  • Paging

Dual Ring
This feature allows user to attend desk calls on their Mobile. Simultaneous ringing on Internal as well as on Mobile, whichever answers first, other disconnects. It is a boon to people who keep on traveling and yet can attend their desk calls. This feature is not applicable when outgoing call is routed through TWT and E&M.

Automatic DISA
This feature allows a user to access the system resources from a remote location, to make calls to and from any of the stations, activate/deactivate features of any station, and even program or administer system from a remote location without dialing a DISA login code, station number and password. Such 999 numbers can be programmed.

Wireless Solution (GSM, 3G and IP) – No need of DECT
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX enables Mobile users to stay connected with the office wherever they go. Existing Mobile (GSM or 3G) can work as an extension. With SIP Client support of Mobile can work as an IP extension. These will replace the need of DECT phones completely because of the obvious advantages of wider range connectivity, simple implementation and cost.

Universal Connectivity –The true convergence

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers a true convergence of varied networks. It offers connectivity from traditional networks such as PSTN, E&M, Magneto, ISDN BRI and T1/E1/PRI, wireless networks such as GSM and 3G to new-generation networks such as VoIP including IP trunks and extensions.
Interface Options:
  • Analog CO Lines (TWT)
  • Analog Phones (SLT)
  • Digital Key-Phones and DSS Consoles
  • ISDN BRI (TE and NT Mode)
  • ISDN PRI (TE and NT Mode)
  • T1/E1 (with QSIG)
  • Wireless (GSM/3G)
  • VoIP Server
  • VoIP Trunk Lines
  • E&M
  • Magneto Phones

Versatile Platform – Many Applications

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX is a versatile platform finds place in many applications.

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX is a feature-packed communication system with range of useful features to meet any demanding PBX-KTS applications. Not only the features range, but each feature has depth in terms of the flexibility it offers.

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can register as many as 999 SIP Clients and supports 32 SIP Accounts. Organizations can avail advantage of internet telephony and experience an extended business reach with reduced operational cost.

Universal Gateway
With varied interface options and built-in gateway functionality; it can be used as a gateway to the existing PBX to avail the benefits offered by different networks.

Hotel PBX
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers built-in front desk management which can perform most of the hotel tasks such as Check-In, Check-Out, DND, Wake-Up Alarms, Reminders, Print Check-Out reports etc. making it a complete Hotel PBX. In addition, it also supports third party PMS and CAS integration for hotelier who requires to avail extra facilities offered by PMS and CAS.

Group PBX
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports Group PBX applications. Important features like Flexible Numbering, Station-wise SMDR Reports, Background Music on Station (SLT), Reversal on SLT for connecting PCO on SLT, etc. are available.

Least Cost Router
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can be helpful to reduce telecom cost with intelligent routing functionality.
There are five options for least cost routing is based on:
  • Time
  • Number
  • Combination of Time and Number
  • Carrier Pre-Selection
  • Service Provider to Service Provider
Even combinations of the above parameters can be defined for least cost routing. For example, you can program the system to select only a particular trunk line for making STD calls and another trunk to make all local calls during day-time, but a different trunk for making local calls during night-time. All this happens automatically! You can even program the system such that for calling any number across any location in India (local and long distance), only a particular trunk line is used. With Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX, you can rest assured that every call being made outside your organisation is always at the least cost!

Audio Conference Bridge
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports a maximum of 21 (ETERNITY ME) participants in a single conference without affecting the speech levels. Moreover, it also supports a unique feature which allows participants of a conference to dial into a live conference at a scheduled time just by simply dialing a code.

Video Conferencing and Data Connectivity
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers video conferencing solutions (H.320) through the ISDN PRI and BRI card. Any standard video conference unit or video phone with suitable ISDN interface can be conveniently integrated with ETERNITY ISDN card. Data connectivity can also be extended to other locations by connecting a suitable router and Ethernet Switch to this ISDN PRI or BRI.

Built-In Functions

This feature allows the caller to directly reach an extension without operator assistance. Different messages like Welcome Message, Dial-By-Name, Dial Extension, Busy, No Reply, Wrong Number Dialed and Transferring to the Operator are played according to the situation. ETERNITY can handle 5 callers simultaneously, a virtually impossible feat to accomplish for a human operator.

Call Detail Record with Cost Calculation Reports
The Advanced Search Module allows detailed report generation and printing for all outgoing, incoming and internal calls with strong filtering capability and separate buffer capacity for each category - 6000 outgoing, 5000 incoming and 1000 internal calls.

The structure of the call charges for the calls made by the users can be decided based on the outgoing trunk used for dialing. Options of fixed service charge, unit wise service charge, percentage wise service charge are available. Special charges can be defined for special days like New Year, holidays etc. Moreover, Call rates depending on the time zone can also be defined.

Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers CLI features on both DKP and SLT. It offers the facility to detect CLI on normal telephone lines, ISDN lines, GSM lines and VoIP lines. It can detect both, DTMF and FSK signals for CLI. You can get CLI of external number, internal number and also CLI on transfer of calls. If programmed, even the name of the caller can be displayed on the DKP. The CLI feature can be programmed for each extension individually.

Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers the facility of calling line identity restriction. Selected users can deny disclosing their extension identity to others.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)
This unique function, designed using structured programming, selects the most cost effective trunk from the allotted trunks to make outgoing calls depending upon the time of call and the destination number dialed, resulting in substantial savings.

Logical Partitioning
In some countries, Calls from VoIP to PSTN or Mobile Network are not allowed, whereas other countries, it is allowed. To fulfill these telecom regulatory requirement of different countries, Matrix ETERNITY implemented feature - ‘Logical Partitioning’, by which calls from VoIP and other Trunk ports, like TWT, T1/E1/PRI, BRI, E&M and GSM calls can be restricted.

Multiple Gateway Support (VoIP)
ETERNITY VoIP card to connect through different gateways for varied applications. For example an organization has router which is connected to gateway of Internet Service Provider 1 for International (SIP) Calling and Internet Service Provider 2 for branch (Peer-to-Peer) calling. Multiple Gateway feature makes this application possible, maximum such 8 gateways can be assigned.

Multiple Participants Conference
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports a maximum of 6 (ETERNITY PE3S), 15 (ETERNITY PE6SP and GE) and 21 (ETERNITY ME) participants in a single conference without affecting the speech levels. - 6, 15 and 21 participants in any combination, e.g. 3 conferences of 2, 5 and 7 participants each respectively.


Digital Input Port
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers DIP where external devices like sensors such as fire alarm, glass break, etc. can be connected.

Digital Output Port
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX provides DOP, thus enabling electrical devices like door lock, fan, AC etc. can be operated. It is a non-energized DOP that can be switched ON/OFF manually or automatically. This DOP can be operated locally as well as remotely.

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX GE/ME offers built-in one DIP and DOP each, whereas ETERNITY PE provides this as an option in the form of an expansion card with 1 DIP and 3 DOPs. On activation of a sensor connected to DIP, a hooter connected to DOP can be activated.

Door-Phone Card (ETERNITY PE)
ETERNITY PE provides an option of connecting three 4-wire door phones. When a visitor presses the door phone button, the internal extension and/or external number programmed rings allowing the extension and/or Mobile user to talk to the visitor. If a Door Lock Release device is connected with DOP, the user can open the door and let the visitor in.

External Music Port (AIP)
It allows an external music source to be connected to Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX. Desired music or jingle can be played while a person is kept on hold.

GSM/3G Card
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports Mobile or Wireless connectivity through an optional card and each card offers 2, 4 or 8 ports with dedicated SIM on each port.

Paging Port (AOP)
The Public Address System can be connected to this port which allows any station user to make announcements on external speakers.

VMS Card
VMS card in Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX is a full fledged Voice Mail System designed to provide a variety of voice applications usually supported by any external Voice Mail System. The VMS card utilizes an external USB memory stick as storage media and hence the storage capacity can be easily enhanced on site. The default 1 GB USB stick supports 18 hours of recording and a higher capacity stick will allow you to record more. The VMS card can be configured to work as 8 ports or 16 ports and supports 512 mailboxes. The VMS card can be inserted in any of the universal slots, offering all voice mail features such that can boost productivity of any organization.

VoIP Card
VoIP card in ETERNITY offers intrinsic benefits of cost and flexibility using the most advanced Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Internet telephony. It is designed to support both Peer-to-Peer and Registrar/Proxy supported calls. This multi-channel VoIP interface offers advantage of low-tariff Internet telephony for long distance and international calls. The VoIP card can also be configured to establish calls (Peer-to-Peer) between offices using the existing data network infrastructure. ETERNITY VoIP card supports a range of voice Codecs ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and efficient utilization of bandwidth.

VoIP Server and Trunk Card – IP-PBX System
VoIP server card of ETERNITY IP-PBX offers the functionality of IP-PBX with an advantage of converge it to other networks. It has built-in registrar server which can register up to 999 users with maximum 32 SIP Trunks. It also supports behind the NAT and STUN applications.

Open Interface for Integration

Call Accounting System Interface
It offers interface for most types of Call Accounting System protocols available world-wide. This facilitates easy integration of the third party call accounting software with Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX.

Property Management Software Interface
A Hotel can use a third party Property Management System (PMS) to manage other functions such as accounting, guest status, room status, billing etc. Matrix ETERNITY offers PMS interface which supports full duplex communication over RS232C as well as on Ethernet Port. It accepts commands such as Check-in/Check-out, Guest-in/Guest-out, Remote Alarms, Guest Name, Do-Not-Disturb, Message Wait, Alarm Status, Room Shift etc. It can send command such as SMDR for Outgoing calls, Mini Bar etc. to the PMS. This integration helps in smooth functioning of the PMS with PBX. It offers built-in three types for integration with which defined third party PMS can be selected for ready use.

QSIG is an ISDN based protocol used for signaling between two PBX in a private network. It allows transparency of features between two or more PBX of different make. It offers to users the convenience of sharing telecom resources.

Voice Mail Integration
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports Voice Mail Gateway operation by which any stand alone Voice Mail System can be integrated. With simple VMS strings it can be easily integrated to any third party VMS.

Virtual Users
It allows sharing of a common extension by multiple users with a distinct virtual extension number to each one of them. So, whenever the virtual extension number is dialed, it will reach the actual extension to which it is mapped. A maximum of 704 (less than the actual number of extensions used) virtual users can be defined. Virtual Station can be assigned all the features same as normal station and can also forward calls to VMS.


Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers scalability in all aspects.

Expansion Card
Varied network interface card in different footprints are available with Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX PE, GE and ME to address a user’s exact communication requirement.

Mixed Card
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports hybrid port cards on universal slots of ETERNITY PE, GE and ME platform. It has hybrid (mix) port cards for TWT, SLT and DKP interfaces. It allows flexibility in selecting the number of Two Wire Trunks (TWT), Single Line Telephones (SLT) and Digital Key-Phones (DKP) in the system as per the need.

Software Compatibility – Configuration and Up-gradation
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX uses same software for PE, GE and ME. The software is compatible to all variants of ETERNITY; this enables easy up-gradation and hassle free maintenance. What’s more, configuration files can be copied from one to other i.e. same features and functionalities programmed can be availed from PE to GE to ME.

Usage of Cards
Matrix ETERNTIY offers PE, GE and ME series of IP-PBX system; where ETERNITY PE and GE offers three each and ETERNITY ME offers two variants. Expansion card of one variant can be used in any of the series variant. For an example if you outgrow the ETERNTIY GE3S you can unplug the expansion cards from that system and plug them directly into the ETERNITY GE6S or GE12S without need of buying whole new system.

User Terminals
Same terminals can be used for PE to GE to ME. It includes Digital Key Phones (EON48P and EON48S), DSS Consoles (DSS16X4, DSS72) and PC based Console (EONSOFT).


The system supports multiple types of alarms on all extensions. These alarms can be set for each day of the week or for a particular date and time, and also can be activated from a remote location. It can be personalized or automated. If the alarm is not acknowledged by the user, the operator receives the return alarm ring. Multiple alarms of the same type can be activated from each extension. Alarm-snooze feature, very similar to that available in mobile handsets, is also supported.

Background Music
The system allows you to use the DKP as well as SLT as a device to play soft background music. This does not hamper the switching functions of the DKP, thus saving the cost incurred for putting up speakers and wiring. Four types of music tones are built into the system, besides the option of using an external music source like CD player, FM radio, etc.

Call Back on Mobile Port
This feature is used to respond to the specific incoming call on the mobile port which was disconnected by the caller. In case of an Incoming call on mobile port is disconnected by the caller during period, ‘Call Back Timer’ configured in the system, the system will initiate the call back from the same port, if the caller’s CLI is matching and prefix configured in the ‘Trusted Caller List’. When the called party attends the call, it will be established as per the option selected viz. DID call or DISA call or call routed to the Operator.

Direct Inward Dialing (Voice Guided)
The built-in auto-attendant or Direct Inward Dialing feature performs the task of an operator by greeting the external caller and transferring call to the desired station. Five callers can be handled simultaneously.

Global Hold
This feature enables any DKP users to retrieve calls directly by pressing programmed DSS key, even if the DKP User kept calling party on hold and goes on-hook.

Hot Desking
The Object Oriented Programming done for this function allows the extension user to transfer his extension features and facilities to another extension with just a command. It is like carrying your extension wherever you go in the office. The DKP user can perform Hot Desking to another DKP user only, but not to any SLT user and vice versa. This feature is programmable extension-wise and can be activated with user password of a station.

Hot Outward Dial
This function is of great use for those stations which make more trunk calls than internal calls. As soon as the station user picks up the receiver, user gets access to the desired trunk line, saving time and effort. This function also offers a variant whereby a specified telephone number may be dialed either immediately as the handset is picked up or after a pre-defined delay.

Live Call Screening
The Customised Information Exchange Protocol allows DKP users to listen an incoming voice mail message for the first few moments. This feature lets the user determine whether it requires his attention or not, giving him the option to either talk to the caller or store the message in the mailbox for later retrieval.

Menu-Driven Interface from Key-Phones
Key Phones connected to ETERNITY offers menu driven commands for easy access to features and its implementation.

Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can be programmed to maintain records of all unsuccessful calls made on GSM, BRI, T1/E1/PRI and VoIP (SIP) Trunks due to No Reply, Busy and such similar conditions. In the event of such a call being returned, it routes the call to the original caller.

Time Tables and Time Zones
Time tables allow the user to program the system to work differently depending upon the time and day of the week. It allows flexible programming for 3 time zones:
  • Working hours
  • Lunch hours
  • Non-working hours
Each day of the week can be programmed with different time zone limits. Thus long distance dialing access may be denied to certain stations after working hours or trunk calls may directly reach the security office after the office closes, or a specific message may be played on a holiday.

Voice Guidance for Tones
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers this unique feature for guiding the users at various tones. Voice Message can be recorded for various tones like dial tone, engaged tone, error tone and ring back tone. Say a user is trying to an extension which is busy. In such case a message “The extension you are trying is busy. Please press 2 for speaking to the extension as soon as it is free”, can be played to the user.


ETERNITY can be instructed by the user in a very simple way to dial a busy number repeatedly till it gets connected without any user intervention. The system can be set for auto-redial priority as low or high, wherein the redial intervals and the number of redial attempts vary depending on the priority.

This enables an operator to answer any incoming call automatically and saves time required to pick up the handset or pressing speaker key again and again. Further, if headset is used then incoming speech audio can be heard directly.

Boss Ring
The system can be programmed to provide different ring cadences to the user depending on the call origination. Eight types of ringing cadences can be set for different call types like internal calls, calls from boss, alarms, auto redial, etc., to alert the users about the type of call they are receiving.

CLI based Routing
The dedicated code detector circuits identify the Caller Line (trunk call) and route the incoming call directly to the respective users (DKP or SLT), if the incoming number matches with CLI table entries. As many as 400 such external numbers can be programmed in Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX. Users with DKP can have display of caller name, if programmed accordingly.

Conference Dial-in
This unique feature allows participants of a conference to dial into a live conference at a scheduled time just by simply dialing a code. Certainly, a great time-saving feature!

Department Call
This feature allows the caller to make a department call by dialing the department code and get response from one of the department group members. Such 16 department groups can be formed and each department is assigned an access code called department code.

Memory Dialing
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers memory space of 900 numbers where frequently called numbers can be stored along with the name. User can dial any of these numbers with an access code followed by an index number. It is common for all the users. DKP users have the flexibility of dialing directly by name and hence are not required to remember index numbers.

Multi-Stage Dialing
There are many applications which require dialing of a fixed numbers before the actual number. An abbreviated short code can be programmed to eliminate numbers of dialing stages. A convenient feature which processes calls faster and saves time.

Certain calls like call from CEO, call from special or private trunk line, call on hotline, etc. requires higher priority of access over others. Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX allows calls from the senior executives get priority over others while waiting to get connected to a station or trunk.

Cost Reduction

Call Budget on Extensions
It allows you to set a monthly call budget for individual users in order to control the usage. Users with DKP can use the Call Cost Display feature to check allocated and consumed budget values after every call they make. The station is locked by the system if the user exceeds the call budget value.

Call Budget on Trunk
Service providers offer different schemes to enhance their services. For example, customer can make call free for first 500 minutes, every month. In such cases, ETERNITY allows you to define call budget in terms of amount and minutes on the Trunks i.e. TWT, DS1, BRI, GSM and SIP. Once budget gets exhausted, it will not allow further outgoing calls. Amount and minutes consumed on each trunk port can be cleared either manually or automatically on specified date of every month, to a specified value.

Call Duration Control
This cost control feature that allows you to have user-specific call duration control with multiple options for each type of call. This feature includes: disconnection of incoming, outgoing, intercom calls, selective long distance or international calls after a pre-defined duration. It gives warning tone after a pre-defined duration to keep track of time and disconnects call if programmed so.

Common Platform
All the members of the ETERNITY family offer identical functions and features. They provide all the telecom network interfaces for Universal Connectivity. Same user terminals like digital phones, operator consoles, soft-phones and ISDN phones can be used with any ETERNITY IP-PBX. In fact, they all run the same software making ETERNITY the easiest system to expand and maintain.

CUG over GSM
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers In-skin GSM/3G solution with which as many as 32 SIMs can be used. An organization can take an advantage of this with CUG facility offered by service providers. For example there is a workforce of 20 on field and 100 in the office and their requirement is to communicate on day-to-day basis. It is possible to offer 20 CUG SIMs to the field and 8 SIMs can be inserted on the GSM card plugged-in to the system. These 8 SIMs are accessible and shared by all office staff. Hence, any call made out of the organization to field is through CUG SIM, saves telecom cost. Further, using mobile extension feature, it is possible to make calls through system trunks from the field. Resulting in further reduction of cost and offers centralized call management.

Toll Control
It is possible to restrict/allow certain numbers and numbers starting with specific prefix based on the four levels of access control.

Varied user terminals such as a Soft-phone, Mobile with SIP client, IP Phones, VoIP ATAs and VoIP Gateways can be registered as users to the VoIP SERV+TRK card. Such 999 users can be registered. Extensions to this card can be directly connected through the LAN or connected remotely via internet. Registered users can talk to the system extensions and can also make calls using system trunks i.e. GSM/3G, SIP etc. Resulting in complete portability, convenience and huge savings on telecom cost.


Configuration (Phone/Key Phone/Mobile/Internet)
Programming of the ETERNITY is possible using a normal phone, a key phone or a PC. It is also possible to configure the system from a remote location, saving time and cost of providing essential technical support.

DKP Customize Settings
DKP connected to Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can be customized for; Ringer Tunes, Speech Levels, LCD backlit contrast and brightness control etc.

Flexible Clock Synchronization
This feature allows the user to synchronize the system clock of Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX with the desired network clock. It is programmable for T1/E1/PRI port.

Port Personalities
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX ISDN BRI, PRI interface card offers flexibility in terms selection of parameters such as Line Coding, Framing, Signaling Type, Port Orientation whether TE or NT, Caller and Called Number Plan Identification etc. Hence, single hardware for many applications satisfying all telecom standards where it is installed.

Software Upgradation
The firmware can be conveniently upgraded through a CD. What’s more, the software can be upgraded even with a file transferred through mail.

Universal Slots
All the expansion slots of Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX are universal in nature. Any card can be inserted in any slot and the system will configure it automatically. This scheme eliminates configuration bottle-necks because any slot can be used for SLT, DKP, Analog Trunk, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, GSM, 3G, VoIP Server Card and VoIP Trunk Card.

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX is easy to install as it can be mounted in rack, on the wall or table-top. Industry standard RJ45 connectors are provided for various ports, as common with all modern networking products.

Front-Desk User Wizard
It is a Graphical User Interface for easy and efficient management function of ETERNITY installed in Hotel Mode.

Integrated Installation Wizard
Matrix ETRNITY IP-PBX offers installation wizard to speed up the set-up process of ETERNITY. With Built-in installation wizard and menu driven features on DKP make the programming of ETERNITY - a child’s play!


Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX can be configured as per the country telecom standards where it is installed. It comes along with built-in web server functionality called “Jeeves” which supports languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Italian. Time Zones, Day Light Saving, Date-Time Format, ISDN Variants, CLIP Variants, Impedance, etc., can be set as per specific country telecom requirements.

Security and Safety

Dynamic Lock
It can be possible to change toll control level of any station automatically at set time. For example, it is possible to restrict trunk calls from a station after office hours dynamically.

Emergency Numbers and Reporting
It allows you to program the emergency number that can be dialed by any user, irrespective of the assigned trunk access rights. Once the user dials an emergency number; for example “911”, the operator is immediately informed with a continuous ring. The operator with DKP can have display of the user name, number and the emergency number dialed. This helps the operator to take necessary action.

Keypad Lock
There is an option of DKP keypad lock (manual) similar to available on Mobile. This avoids dialing of any number from DKP avoids unauthorized use.

Security Dialer
It allows you to connect any type of sensor like glass break sensor, magnetic sensor, smoke detector, etc. to the digital input port. In case of any emergency, the system dials 3 different numbers and plays a pre-recorded message. Even a hooter can be activated.

Three Levels of Access – User, SA and SE
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX offers three levels of access where each user or station can have their own password to activate/deactivate features. Similarly System has one unique password each for Administrator and Engineer being highest access rights. Offers security at each step!


Conversation Recording
The user can use VMS to record his conversation in his mailbox. This helps the user to keep record of the points discussed and agreed upon with business associates. This feature is very useful in situations where recording of verbal agreements, important discussions or instructions, client requirements, etc., is required. It is a boon for the businesses which works on verbal commitment. This feature should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Room Monitor
This feature allows the station user to listen to the sounds in another room where the DKP is installed without letting the people in that room know about it. You can even monitor the room from your mobile. A very powerful security feature!

System Activity Log
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX maintains a complete system activity log. You can find out when a particular extension entered in programming mode, when a particular card was removed from the system or even when a particular port was not detected by the software of the system. A great utility feature for the system engineer!

System Debug
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX allows system engineer to monitor the state of the software ports and IO operation. It is a very useful feature for SE to indentify the error and troubleshoot.

System Error Log
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX has a functionality of a watch dog, whereby it maintains a log of all faults occurring in the system. Various fault events like Card Absent, RTC Failure, DS1 Signal Loss, BRI Signal Loss, and DKP/SLT absent, etc., are registered in the fault log. On such events, ETERNITY activates the buzzer.


Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX is designed for 24x7, continuous operation and to provide carrier-grade reliability. It meets approval standards like CE, FCC, RoHS and TEC.

This is a special functionality allows replacement of a faulty card, without switching-off the system. It is available with ETERNITY ME.

Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX ME10SDC offers redundancy for its all important functional blocks – Master, Switch and Power. It supports duplication of the Master card, Switch card and PS48VDC card. In case of failure of Power, Master or Switch card the respective stand-by card takes over smoothly.

Compact and Sturdy
Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX compact design leads to smaller foot-print. The wall mountable design is easy to maintain and occupies lesser space. Besides, all the parts have been fixed in specified slots. This ‘no moving parts’ design leads to higher reliability.


It is designed with unique distributed processing architecture with intelligent local processing units for each card. The main processor employs powerful 32-bit ARM RISC processor. Integrated DSP based SLIC and DAA are used for FXS and FXO interfaces. Built-on Linux platform, best-of-breed software protocol stacks are used for digital interfaces like ISDN BRI, T1/E1, ISDN PRI and VoIP SIP.

High-Density Switching
100% non-blocking, digital technology, Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX uses 1024X1024, which reduces chip count and real estate.

Features Lis

Abbreviated Dialing (Global & Personal) Access Codes (Programmable)
Account Codes Account Codes (Forced)
Alarm-Multiple Alarms (Time, Daily, Future Date & Time, Remote)
Alarm-Snooze Allowed and Denied Lists
Alternate Number Dialing Analog Input Port (AIP)
Analog Output Port (AOP) Anonymous Call Rejection (SIP)
Auto Call Back (Busy, No Reply) Auto DISA
Auto Redial Auto-Attendant
Automated Control Applications Background Music (DKP and SLT)
Backup SMDR Backup-System Configuration
Backup-System Software Barge-In
Behind the PBX Applications Boss Ring
Call Accounting System (CAS) Interface Call Back on Mobile Port
Call Budget on Extensions Call Budget on Trunk
Call Chaining Call Cost Calculation
Call Cost Display Call Duration Control
Call Follow Me Call Forward (Busy, No Reply, Dual Ring and to External Number)
Call Park (General and Personal Orbit) Call Pick Up (Group and Selective)
Call Progress Tones (Programmable) Call Splitting
Call Taping Call Transfer (Screened, On Busy, While Ringing, Trunk to Trunk)
Calling Line Identification & Presentation (CLIP) Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
Cancel All Station Features Central Ringer
Class of Service (COS) CLI based Routing
Closed User Group (With/Without Exchange ID) Conference – 15 Party
Conference – Multiple Participants Conference Dial-in
Conflict Dialing Continued Dialing
Conversation Recording Customer Emergency Services Identification Dialing (CESID)
Customer Name Date and Time Format
Daylight Saving Time Department Call
Dialed Number Directory Digest Authentication (on SIP)
Digital Input Port (DIP) Digital Output Port (DOP)
Direct Dialing-In (DDI on T1/E1/PRI) Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) Direct Outward System Access (DOSA)
Direct Station Selection Console (DSS Console) Distinctive Rings
Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Do-Not-Disturb (Remote)
Door Phone Connectivity (ETERNITY PE) Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
Dynamic Lock (Auto and Manual) E1 Connectivity
Email Notification (VMS) Embedded Registrar and Proxy Servers (SIP Server)
Emergency Calls Detection and Reporting Emergency Number Dialing
Error Alarm External Call
External Call Forward (ECF) External Music Port (AIP)
Fax over IP (T.38 Relay and Pass-Through) Field Programmable
File Transfer Protocol Flash Timer
Flexible Numbers (Up to 6 Digits) Floor Service
Forced Answer Forced Call Disconnection
GPAX Application GPAX Billing
Help Desk Hold
Hot Desking Hot Outward Dialing (With/Without number, With/Without Delay)
Hotel/Motel Features Hotline (Immediate and With Delay)
Hunting/User Group Incoming Call Management
Integrated Hotel-Installation Wizard Integrated Installation Wizard
Internal Call Internal Call Restriction
Interrupt Request ISDN-BRI Connectivity
ISDN-PRI Connectivity Key Board Macro
Last Caller Recall Last Number Redial
Least Cost Routing (Number, Time and Service Provider to Service Provider, Carrier Pre-Selection) Live Call Screening
Live Call Supervision Logical Partitioning
Magneto Trunk Port (ETERNITY ME) Master Time Zone
Maturity (Polarity Reversal, Delay, CPD) Meet Me Paging
Menu based Command (DKP) Message Wait Indication (LED, Shattered Dial tone, Voice Message)
Missed Calls Mobile Port (GSM/3G Port)
Music-On-Hold Mute
Name Programming (Station, Trunk) NAT and STUN
Network Selection (GSM) OFF-Hook Alert
Operator (Single, Multiple) Override
Paging (Internal and External) Parallel Printer Port (ETERNITY ME)
Parallel Ringing Peer-to-Peer Calling
PMS Interface Priority (Intercom and Trunk)
Privacy Programmable Access Codes
Programmable Call Progress Tones and Rings Programming the System (Using SLT, DKP, Ethernet Port, Serial Port, Jeeves)
Public Address System Port QSIG (T1/E1/PRI)
Quick Dial Raid
Real Time Clock Real Time Clock Synchronization
Region Code Remote alarm
Remote Call forward Remote Programming
Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC) Room Monitor
Routing Group RS232C Port
Security Dialing and reporting Selective Trunk Access
Self Ring test SIP and RTP QoS
Station groups Station In-Service/Out-Service
Station Message Detail Recording (Incoming, Outgoing and Internal) Station Name
Suite Services System Activity Log and Display
System Administrator (SA) Mode System Debug
System Engineer (SE) Mode System Fault Log
System Security (Passwords) Time Tables
Time Zone Display Toll Control
Trunk Access Group Trunk Auto Answer
Trunk Connectivity (BRI) Trunk Connectivity (GSM/3G)
Trunk Connectivity (PRI) Trunk Connectivity (PSTN)
Trunk Connectivity (VoIP) Trunk Landing Group
Trunk Parameters Trunk Reservation
Upgrading the Software User Absent/Present
Virtual Stations Voice Help
Voice Mail Integration Voice Message Applications
Voice Prompts for Tones VoIP Calling
Walk-In Class of Service (Single / Multiple calls) Web based Programming



Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX supports Voice Mail System (VMS) through an optional VMS card. An efficient Voice Mail System can work wonders for your organisation productivity. The one that can provide efficient call management and accurate messaging saves precious time of your employees, yet allowing a non-interfering work environment.

Voice Mail Features

Auto-Attendant Broadcast Message
Call Taping Call Transfer Types
Conversation Recording Customised Mailbox Size
Dial-By-Name Distribution Lists
Email Notification Flexible Graph
General Mailbox Individual Mailboxes
Information Node Live Call Screening
Message Forward Message Nodes
Message Notification Message Verification
Message Wait Indication Multiple Mailboxes on a Single Extension
Password Personalized Greetings
Redirecting Messages Remote Access
Transfer Node Voice Greetings


‘EON’, the Digital Key Phone, is a versatile, feature-rich, easy to use station. It supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX at a single touch of a button. Matrix Digital Key Phone (DKP) is available in two variants - EON48P and EON48S. Both variants are available in two colors - Black and White. These key phones can be used with any variants of ETERNITY PE to GE to ME.







Full-Duplex Speaker Phone 2×24 and 6×24 LCD with Swivel, Backlit and Contrast Control
Message Wait Lamp Ringer Lamp
16 Programmable Keys 17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features
More Direct Station Keys on Optional Attachment (DSS16×4) Upright and Horizontal Angles for Desktop Mounting
Desk-Top and Wall Mounting

DKP Features

Adjustable Ringer Volume and Speech Level: User has the option of adjusting the ringer volume level as per the requirement. The added advantage is that both receive and transmit speech levels can also be adjusted by the user.

DSS Keys: The EON48 series offers 16 DSS keys that can be programmed for each user, to access trunk line, SLT, DKP and even features, at a single touch of the key.

Executive and Operator Functionality: The EON provides user functionality of Operator or Executive by means of dedicated keys to perform specific task by single touch of buttons.

Last Dialed Calls: Last dialed 16 trunk calls can be stored.

Message Paging: User of the EON can page different pre-defined messages, like Meet Me, Congratulations, Meeting Today, etc., to other DKP users. These messages can be programmed by the system engineer.

Missed Calls: Details of last 20 missed calls can be viewed on the LCD of the EON. A useful feature for the user to find details of calls missed.

Tri Colour LEDs for Port Status: Status of other extensions (DKP and SLT) and trunk lines can be displayed on the Digital Key Phone. The status of the user’s extension as well as that of other extensions or trunks can be known through the LEDs.








PC based Digital Key Phone with two numbers of PC based DSS64






EONSOFT offers integration of your PC with Matrix PBX. A product of great utility to those techno-savvy people who has a computer on their desks and do not wish to keep a separate telephone.

EONSOFT Features

Automatic Sensing of PC Status Automatic Sensing of Software Status
Operator Mode (with 148 Keys) Handset Connectivity
Help Menu Integration with Microsoft Address Book
Keyboard Macros Keyboard and Mouse Operation
Programmable Tool Tips on Mouse Over Shortcut Keys
Standard Windows User Interface

Application Areas

Call Centers Corporate Offices
Hospitals Hotels
Housing Complexes Large Enterprises
Educational Institutions Telecom Service Providers
Internet Telephony Service Providers Telecom Solution Providers

Matrix Range of BUSINESS IP-PBX

ETERNITY PE3SS IP-PBX with 3 Universal Slots (GSM-IP-POTS)
ETERNITY GE3S IP-PBX with 3 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-POTS)
ETERNITY GE6S IP-PBX with 6 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-POTS)
ETERNITY GE12S IP-PBX with 12 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-POTS)
ETERNITY ME10S IP-PBX with 10 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-Magneto-POTS)
ETERNITY ME16S IP-PBX with 16 Universal Slots (GSM-ISDN-IP-E&M-Magneto-POTS)
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